Purchasing home recording studio equipment

Published: 23rd May 2011
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There is a lot of amazing digital Music Equipment available to buy online but one should check out a couple of industry magazines to get some genuine reviews about different brands offering audio recording equipment. Reading a book such as Sound Recording Advice that covers the whole home studio experience from start to finish is a great place to start. Subscribing to quality magazines such as Electronic Musician, Keyboard, Guitar Player, Bass Player, Recording, Modern Drummer, Mix, Pro Audio Review, Home Recording, Computer Music, Sound on Sound, and EQ is a good way to continually gain up to date information on recording technology. The editors of these magazines cover all of the major tradeshows that exhibit new equipment and they also perform equipment reviews on new equipment as it is released.

Along with this research one should have answers to following questions :

Budget: Buyers must buy only an affordable recording equipment so as to utilize the recording business to the fullest.

Purpose: If you are planning for a future in singing then recording equipment must be of high quality and should be able to deliver high quality sound with full clarity. The quality and functioning of the recording equipment must be double checked before buying . Also you may need to be able to play back your material over loudspeakers, so don't forget some sort of power amp and some studio reference speakers.

Usability: If you are working with up to maybe 4 performers at once you can get a simple computer-based system with a couple of mikes and possibly a mixer if you need it. Standalone digital recording consoles that include inputs for mikes and instruments, a mixing panel, and a hard-drive storage system may solve the purpose.

Power Supply : If your studio is going to be in your home you must think of buying some power conditioners. Electronic equipment works best when it has a clean, steady supply of power. I recommend getting an isolation transformer and power conditioners for each studio component.

Are there any Cheap Alternatives available: Most people will suggest Monitors, Speakers, a Guitar recording interface, Drum Machine and a Mic Pre-amp as a necessity when it comes to recording studio equipment. All the rest of the functions of a generic studio can be carried out by a DAW (Digital

Audio Workstation).The total cost of such a setup will be vastly lower than what you would have paid if you chose to purchase analog track recorders and so on.

When it comes to purchasing home recording studio equipment, it's necessary to think smart. If you need a Guitar Recording Interface and a Mic Pre-amp, don't buy two pieces of home recording studio equipment. Look for something that performs both functions.

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